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Technology: Spot On, These three parking apps help you find the best rates, pre-reserve valet and reload your meter with ease

By Selena Fragassi


When the wheels are in motion for a big meeting or event the last thing you want to think about is, ‘where am I going to park?’ With a new suite of apps directly catering to personal transportation now you can be even more in control when you’re in the driver’s seat. Recommend them to future meeting participants, too, for even better attendance.

Stop digging for coins with Passport
This app lets you use your mobile phone to conveniently pay for parking meters, which means you don’t have to fish for coins in your console and you can easily reload when time is running out to avoid tickets (the app will even send you a notification when it’s due). Some cities like Chicago and Omaha have also used the company’s technology for private label mobile pay; check your location for more details.

Find the best rate available with SpotHero
This garage charges $30, this one charges $40 and this one makes you just want to stay home. Not anymore with SpotHero your personal savior for finding the best flat rates anywhere in more than 10 cities. Pull up your location on the app and you’ll see a map of all available garages or lots and their daily rates. Choose the one you want, book it on your phone and you’re done! SpotHero also touts exclusive deals saving you up to 50% on parking rates.

Preorder your valeted car with Parche
It’s “valet without delay.” Parche is the icing on the cake after a long dinner or event. With the app you can remotely request your valeted car, pay and tip on your mobile device and be notified when it’s ready for pickup, all without leaving your table or waiting in the freezing cold winter night.