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Peace On Earth: How to Survive The Holiday Hustle

By Mandy Volpe


The holidays are about decking the halls, not people, but we all know that with the seasonal joy comes the stress. In addition to your already busy work to-do list you have to check twice, there are all the parties, the shopping, the baking, and the cards. Oh the cards. It’s enough to make you Scrooge out, but before you do, we have a few tips to help you create some breathing room in your schedule so you can enjoy the holidays rather than hoping you survive come January.

1) Take your holiday vacation: Many companies have a “use it or lose it” policy for vacation. Even if your organization allows you to rollover your accrued time, still take a day or two for yourself during the season to catch up on shopping or to head to your child’s school for a special performance or luncheon. These hours outside of the normal work routine will allow you some flexibility and free time to enjoy the season, and you will return to work with a renewed focus.

2) Wrap up the home life to-do list: Making your house merry is sometimes the biggest challenge of all this time of year. You might consider hiring extra help to get it all done, such as scheduling a babysitter so you can buy gifts in peace or leaving the deep cleaning to a housekeeper so you can bake cookies without wondering who will clean up after. The two or three hours of help will allow you to mark multiple things off your to-do list at one time.

3) Stay present with work functions during the day: The holiday season is typically filled with celebrations to honor the year and employee achievements. Many companies plan these events as after-work parties or celebrations. This year, urge your supervisor to plan a brunch or early cocktail hour instead where ‘mix and mingling’ can take place during work hours and give staff the evenings to focus on family and other holiday activities.