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Publisher's Letter

By Michele Nichols


It's been a long time since we’ve heard the words “housing boom,” but one is, in fact, currently happening on college and university campuses. Today, there is a premium placed on higher education as more and more people seek advanced degrees; and the more people that move to campus, the more attention that is being paid to upgrading and expanding living arrangements.

As old buildings are torn down or rehabbed and new high-rises are erected in their place, the way of the old dormitories is changing. Yes, this is the dawning of a new age in collegiate accommodations. Welcome to the modern residence hall.

Because what’s good for the student population is good for the collegiate conference guest, we have dedicated the cover story in this magazine to this very topic. Our “Resident Adviser” feature will help you navigate the new terrain and give you all the knowledge you need to understand accommodations for your next meeting or event held on campus. Unlike other publications that just cover meeting space, this firstof-its-kind story will give you an exclusive look at where you’ll be convening—and also where you’ll be staying. You won’t find this in any other magazine!

Interviewed are four major universities across the U.S. and Canada that, together, give an in-depth tour of four types of rooms, from the shared residence hall to the hotel-like guest room, that fit every type of budget. This story is brimming with illustrative photography that lets you see inside each room and understand what comes with it. We also dig deep into the bathroom arrangements, the linen availability and the extra amenities you might not know are available to you.

Residence halls are not the only area where universities are building, though. Profiled in our “State of the Student Union” feature, you will read about the trend of expanding and enhancing these central hubs. As more locations add on to existing structures, many are opening up the doors to visiting guests with meeting spaces, rec areas, food courts and even movie theatres so groups can have a self-contained business and entertainment center.

With all of this new construction, you have to wonder: Is there something special happening on campus I should know about? We think so.