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Technology: Tune Up

By Selena Fragassi


Create the perfect playlist with Pandora Premium to get everyone’s attention.

It’s time to pump up the volume. Fast Company recently polled attendees and meetings experts who agree that the best way to ensure your sessions are a success is to add in music. “When it’s done right, music is the secret ingredient for a killer presentation,” expert Ted Frank says in the article. He’s the author of Get to the Heart: How Movie Storytelling Secrets Can Make Your Presentation Clear, Compelling, and Earn You a Seat at the Table.

Frank furthers, “[Music] is an immediate surprise that signals to everyone that this is not going to be the same as every other presentation they’ve seen that day. And it relaxes them and opens their minds.” Just like movie scores can signal an emotional response, so too can you evoke engagement and responses with your attendees by having the perfect playlist. Frank suggests filling your list with a few different kinds of songs, and having it on when attendees walk into the room so it sets the mood.

-Open Music for introducing new ideas (mellow, cinematic pieces)
-Hold Music for keeping attention (music with a strong beat)
-Propel Music for taking action (songs with crescendos)

You can make playlist curation even easier with services like Pandora Premium. It utilizes Pandora’s patented Music Genome Project technology to match likeminded songs into one continuous, automated playlist. That means you just pick one or two songs you want to have featured and Pandora does the rest of the work to fill up the soundtrack for your meeting. For just $10 a month this service is provided on demand and uninterrupted. For more information, visit