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Gotta Have It: Sign Language

By Selena Fragassi


One T-shirt speaks to everyone

If there ever was one universal travel essential, it would be the Iconspeak T-shirt. It looks simple enough, but emblazoned on the front are 40 recognizable icons that allow you to “speak” to anyone, in any language. Point to the plane to get help to the airport. Or point to the dinner plate to get some suggestions on where to eat in your host city. There’s no language barrier when you have visuals to take the place of words, which can avoid a lot of that awkwardness in a foreign city. There’s other icons for phone, car, clock, Wi-Fi, even bathrooms. So, no need to carry around cliff notes language books anymore.


Three Swiss friends came up with the idea, which has since taken off. In addition to stylish T-shirts (in both men’s and women’s sizes), there are also baseball caps and handbags available for sale, starting at $22. Order at