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By Cynthia Shaw, Director of Boettcher Mansion


Nights At the Mansion: 5 Ways to Always Feel At Home

If home is where the heart is, then a mansion is where it beats to its own drum. The luxurious setting, combined with incredible architecture and important legacies, makes for a unique setting for galas, parties and even retreats. Before you open the doors, get an insider tour with these five tips.

Give your upscale events a remarkable setting. By definition, mansions are large residences located on impressive pieces of property. The Boettcher Mansion, for example, is situated in a secluded nature preserve that sits atop a lookout mountain with commanding views of the forest, meadows and plains below. With such grandeur, there is an established “sense of place” that allows guests to feel just as privileged as those who once occupied the house and grounds. This sets the tone for an especially upscale event.

Let the lavish architecture become your décor. Wealthy mansion owners and their architects spare no expense when it comes to detail, and they often hire skilled artisans to use the finest materials for building both the exterior and interior. Whether classical or rustic in style, mansions tend to “speak for themselves,” rarely requiring further embellishment. This saves money on unnecessary décor.

Utilize all the unique spaces for your special event. Given the great number of rooms inside a mansion, there are abundant opportunities for spreading out an event and customizing it for the occasion at hand. Whether it’s a ballroom, conservatory, great hall or the carriage house, gazebo and gardens we offer, these areas provide interest and intrigue for all sorts of functions and help foster creative event planning.

Find a network of available help. A mansion is nothing without its staff and vendors. Here you’ll find a variety of professionals “waiting in the wings” to ensure that all visitors feel welcomed and cared for from the time of booking to the conclusion of the event.

Let guests walk away with a memorable story. Each mansion has ‘a past,’ with colorful tales about former family members and/or the happenings that took place in and around the home. The Boettcher Mansion is a testament to the life and times of Charles Boettcher and his descendants whom promoted awareness of the Arts & Crafts Movement (c. 1895-1920). Hosting a special event within an historic home like the Boettcher Mansion gives everyone a chance to add their own chapter and makes for lasting memories.

Built in 1917, the Boettcher Mansion is a recognized landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With its original terrace and Great Hall that accommodates up to 200 people, as well as newer but historically compatible entrance lobby and commercial kitchen, the estate is an impressive example of adaptive re-use. Since opening to the public in 1975, the hideaway has been painstakingly restored and revamped for modern-day usage as a versatile venue for social galas, business retreats, cultural programs and other distinctive gatherings.

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