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Work/Life/Balance: What’s Your Type?

By Cynthia Forstmann


Discovering your personality archetype can help lead to successes at both work and home.

People are complicated creatures—we all have various likes and dislikes, pleasure points and triggers, and styles of negotiating and communication. In fact, communication is one of the biggest reasons relationships, both personal and professional, can become strained. Yet there are ways to better connect with fellow humans by coming to a place of better understanding about what makes people tick.

Everyone has their own “archetype” or identity that shapes their methods of learning and interacting with others and the world around them; these types cross time, history, and culture and are universally relevant. I’ve been studying this field for more than 25 years and helping individuals and organizations learn how to identify archetypes on a personal level and within the group dynamic, and then honing in on how to use that knowledge to lead to better interaction with colleagues, clients, even family members. It can also help create an organizational culture and lead to really powerful, authentic brands that consumers relate to as well.

The first step to harnessing this power is knowing your own archetype and how that informs your story. Below is a quick quiz you can take to begin to discover your type. There are 12 different answers, and no one type is better than the other—all have strengths and what we call a shadow side, but knowing these characteristics can be incredibly eye-opening and help you find more balance. For the full 72-question survey you can take and share with colleagues, head to