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Gotta Have It: Be Ahead of the Pack

By Selena Fragassi


It’s time for spring break! Or perhaps an upcoming conference that has you preparing for a few days out of town. Before the fun begins, though, comes the dreaded question, ‘What on Earth do I pack?’ Relax. With these two new apps—and a sample checklist—it’s easier than ever. Use it yourself or pass along the info to your attendees.

Just You: Travel List
It’s the triple threat: Create a packing list by choosing a number of preset items or customize it for your personal needs; set alerts to remember to charge your camera batteries and phone each night (it automatically converts to your area’s time zone); and make a comprehensive schedule detailing your itinerary. ($1.99,

You & Guests: Packing Pro
When you have more than one traveler, the Packing Pro allows for multiple checklists you can sort by age and gender—there’s even one for pets! It’s also easily sharable with import/export options through GoogleDocs and Excel and iTunes’ File Sharing program. ($2.99,

What To Pack:

  •  Suits or formal wear
  •  Business casual ensembles
  •  Casual outfits
  •  Workout clothes
  •  Pajamas
  •  Socks
  •  Undergarments

  •  Body soap
  •  Shampoo & conditioner
  •  Face wash
  •  Toothbrush & paste
  •  Hairbrush
  •  Deodorant & fragrances

  •  Prescriptions
  •  Advil or Tylenol
  •  Allergy relief
  •  Antacids

  •  Laptop & charger
  •  Phone charger
  •  Tablet or iPad

  •  Passport
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Winter gear (if needed)