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Technology: Photos Say 1,000 Words...About You!

By Selena Fragassi



A new tool called PhotoMark Stage turns Android cell phones and tablet devices into a multi-purpose photo studio at your fingertips. This promotional asset allows business to brand event photos onsite. Images created via the PhotoMark app can be instantly shared with any device on a private event cloud, meaning any images taken at a corporate event, tradeshow or other business promotion can be shared with advertisers, marketers and your attendees. Here are some of the benefits:

* Create watermarked images with custom frame overlays, texts, fonts and background images
* Offer onsite branded prints or create and auto populate multimedia slideshows
* Share the day’s photos seamlessly from any device even without an Internet connection
* Enjoy secure and instant storage of images on a personal Stratus Event Cloud
* Be completely mobile: Everything is available from your smart device and can be shared and accessed in real time

Want to try it? The PhotoMark app is downloadable from the Google Play Store. Try it with a one-day license free of charge. If you like the app, purchase a license for as little as three days or longer. Visit for more info.