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Publisher's Letter

By Michele Nichols


When I watched the Royal wedding in May, I was pleasantly surprised by how modern, fresh, and non-traditional it was—from the Duchess showing her independence by walking herself down the aisle to the incredible gospel choir and American pastor that were breathtaking examples of the mix of cultures that were behind this groundbreaking union. I have lived through several Royal weddings in my time, but none had been done quite like this before. Watching it early on that Saturday morning, I knew we had an important topic to discuss in our latest issue of Unique Venues magazine.

Though we have covered a lot of ground in the six years of producing our publication, we had yet to cover the topic of weddings, but it’s never made more sense to do so. Wedding planners, like the one we interviewed for our cover story, will tell you that some of the biggest “trends” for ceremonies and receptions are rustic themes, budget-conscious and eco-conscious parties, and yes, non-traditional venues.

Weddings, much like other remarkable life moments, are so different now. That idea of borrowed and blue is replaced by one-of-a-kind and colorful, with moments that truly reflect how much young adults are keen to carve their own way in life and set their own rules. The millennial generation continues to amaze me with how practical and confident they are in doing what works for them, their imaginations, and their wallets and also thinking about how much of a burden that extravagance can put on family members and friends.

Our cover story details 10 of the most unique spots for happy unions, from getting hitched in like a pirate in a themed bar for $7 (yes, $7) to a movie-ending wedding in the heart of New York’s Rockefeller Center. There are options for matrimony in the mountains and coming together at restored chapels in the Canadian countryside. While they’re all completely unique experiences, the one thing all these spaces have in common is the ability to make each and every event personal and remembered fondly when that anniversary comes around each year.