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Work/Life/Balance: The Power of the Podcast

By Michele Nichols


It all started with “Serial.” Suddenly everyone was hooked on podcasts when WBEZ premiered the debut episode of the real-life crime drama in October 2014. It won a Peabody Award in the spring and was soon confirmed for two more seasons, something unheard of for a syndicated audio program. When podcasts are well done, like “Serial,” they can be just as suspenseful and engaging as television or a documentary, and with its convenient, listen-to-it-anywhere format on any smart device, it becomes radio 2.0 for the new century.

Busy professionals have it hard enough setting aside important time to spend with family, let alone finding two hours to watch a movie, podcasts circumvent that issue with multi-tasking entertainment you can listen to while occupying your time with another must-do activity like driving, running, hiking or sitting through a long flight. Podcasts can also be informative, allowing you to absorb information while also getting away from your laptop, which is good for your brain and overall health. Here are some of our favorite podcasts for work, life and balance.

Work: Grammar Girl Quick & Dirty Tips
Here’s a fun and easy way to improve your business writing. If you still get stuck on there/they’re/their, get increasingly irritated with commas or just want to learn better syntax, this podcast gives you short and easy instruction on all the English grammar rules from accredited editor and technical writer Mignon Fogarty.

Life: Stuff You Should Know
Ever wonder how individuals see color, why junk food is so irresistible, how the FDA actually protects Americans or how anesthesia can work without actually harming you? Leave it to Josh Clark and Charles Bryant of to help you figure out all of life’s mysteries.

Balance: WTF With Marc Maron
When you need something a bit more lighthearted than “Serial” turn to comedian Marc Maron. His regular program is like the late night of podcasts with hysterical interviews with Ben Stiller, Judd Apatow, Aziz Ansari, Zach Galifianakis, even Conan. In episode 613 he interviewed President Obama in his garage studio.

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