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Gotta Have It: Back to School Super Tools

By Selena Fragassi


Back To School Super Tools

If you need any further proof that? we are getting closer and closer to a completely digital world consider these two new “back to school” super tools that let you write, scribble or take notes and immediately save them to cloud storage. Not only are they reusable and eco-friendly but also complete space (and life) savers—you’ll never lose your notes again.

Coming soon, Rocketbook is the first reusable notebook designed specifically for the cloud. Use it like a regular notepad (it’s made of 50 sheets of 8-1/2” x 11” paper), and with an integrated iOS app you can capture everything on the page and upload it to cloud storage on Google Docs, Evernote or Dropbox like magic. Even better, the pages are reusable. Just microwave them—yes microwave—and everything on the page is instantly erased. The system works with the help of Pilot FriXion heat-sensitive pens that breaks down when heat is applied. Find out more and preorder at

Phree™ Smart Pen
Also coming soon is the Phree™ smart pen that turns any surface—and we mean any—into a writing tablet. Have a burst of inspiration in the car? Write on your dashboard. On the run but have to remember something important? Use Phree™ on your hand, couches, tables, dishes, any surface works with this genius smart pen that is taking the tech world by storm even before its debut (it surpassed its Kickstarter goal by 800%). With the pen that uses laser technology you can take notes at a meeting, send texts without using your phone’s silly keypad, annotate documents or jot down important phone numbers without paper. Connect it to any of your devices—phone, tablet, laptop—and through a Bluetooth connection anything you’ve written down will instantly appear. It’s also compatible with apps like Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard and Viber. Get more info at