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Power Points: The Real Truth about Meeting on Campus

By Selena Fragassi


Do you know the truth—the whole truth—about convening on a college campus? Unique Venues has put together this quick reference list giving you the fact and fiction behind all the myths you might have heard. Get ready to test your knowledge about school grounds!

1. You always have to bring your own linens.
2. All campuses are available year round.
3. A/V and Wi-Fi are more expensive than hotels.
4. Parking can be challenging.
5. Dining is similar to hospital food and mall food courts.
6. I'll be showering with 20 of my fellow attendees.
7. Groups can have one contact, one contract and one invoice.
8. Groups can use faculty on campus for keynotes and breakouts.
9. Catering options are only available off-campus and are difficult to set up.
10. Student workers are expensive to hire and don't make a good impression.
11. A group can get easily lost on a big campus.
12. Campuses offer a variety of cultural experiences for guests.
13. A group will be required to provide insurance.
14. Guests will have to disrupt their workout routines.
15. Attendees will enjoy meeting on campus.

Answer key:
1. Fiction. Sometimes you will need to do so, but not always. Ask before booking.
2. Fiction. Some schools only have openings in the summer when students are gone and others operate year-round, providing a variety of options.
3. Fiction. They have proven to be more cost effective and often free of charge.
4. Fact. However campus conference professionals will work with your group to make it as easy as possible.
5. Fiction. Students are demanding in their culinary choices. They get high quality food and therefore so do groups.
6. Fiction. While some campuses do have communal showers, the vast majority has private or semi-private bath accommodations.
7. Fact. One-stop shopping is alive and well on many campuses. Many are even certified.
8. Fact. Imagine having access to all kinds of knowledge, right there at the venue.
9. Fiction. Campuses offer excellent on-site catering by a team of highly trained and qualified chefs.
10. Fiction. They are eager for work, available at better rates and typically represent the best and the brightest of higher education.
11. Fiction. You can often keep all your meetings and events in one building or area.
12. Fact. Many campuses have museums, art galleries, libraries, movie theaters, art studios and other attractions.
13. Fact. Many campuses require it, although doing so will keep your costs down.
14. Fiction. Many campuses have comprehensive rec centers with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Sometimes it will include a daily fee or it might be included.
15. Fact. Most haven't stepped foot on campus since graduation day. They will find it refreshing, nostalgic and most importantly, educational.