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Cool Gift Idea

By Selena Fragassi


Swag Has a New Bag

The motto of BrandFuse: Swag for All. The revolutionary California-based company believes that just because it’s free doesn’t mean it has to look cheap (or, worse yet, boring). How many T-shirts have your clients received? Water bottles? Hats? With the vast array of more than 200 unique products BrandFuse offers, your logo can sit loud and proud on an iCade or bacon wallet. Sure the usual suspects can be ordered here, too, but the great thing about this shop is it’s full of products your clients, colleagues and event attendees have likely never seen, but will surely want to keep. There’s even more in it for you, too. BrandFuse lets you order any quantity you desire (even just one item) and will ship your purchase in 48 hours, perfect for those last-minute decisions. Now that’s some swag-ger.

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