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University of Montana Announces Bike Powered PA System


Missoula, Montana - The University Center at The University of Montana is excited to announce the addition of the environmentally friendly One Bike/One Speaker, Pedal Power PA System. In the spirit of sustainability, the PA system by “Rock the Bike” is powered by a wheel generator integrated with an energy efficient sound system that creates 100% off the grid, sustainable power for audio reinforcement. The Pro Sound speaker is designed for small to larger events, including outdoor events. A microphone or MP3 player plugs directly into the speaker with no mixer needed. The bike also creates an interactive piece to your event by inviting participants to pedal and be engaged. The bike is not difficult to pedal and a 1 to 2 minute buffer creates enough time to give multiple people a chance to create power without an interruption to your event. The PA system is portable and a rider transports the bike and equipment to the event location, further reducing the carbon foot print of an event. The Pedal Power PA system was purchased with the help of the Kless Revolving Energy Loan Fund (KRELF), which helps fund campus wide energy savings and waste reduction projects. For more information or to book the Pedal Power PA for your next event, call or visit the UM Conference and Event Planning Office at 406-243-4113, UC room 340.

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