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Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center Renovates Conference Center and Adds Additional Beds to the Dormitory


Potomac Park has been Poised for Progress the past two years! In 2014 they renovated several areas in their Conference Center building; the first being the main Auditorium in which it received new bathrooms, an expanded foyer, landscaping, and updated audio/visual equipment. In the same Conference Center building, the Conference Center motel rooms saw huge change! The team unified the bed layout and bought brand new linens, décor, and furniture; the most luxurious addition being DISH Satellite on a flat screen television! They didn’t stop there, the construction of Potomac Perks was finished and the coffee shop officially opened. Potomac Perks is a place where guests can enjoy inexpensive coffee and cones, while connecting with one another in a casual environment.

In 2015, the team was back at it! They renovated their Schaefer Conference Room with deep cleaned carpet, new paint, and updated audio/visual equipment. They headed to the Prayer Center dormitory where walls were busted out, bathrooms renovated, carpet replaced, beds unified, and deep cleaning was no joke! Thanks to these improvements, the dormitory can be opened up to accommodate 48 more guests on campus.