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National Press Club Launches 'Help the Heroes' Initiative



During this time when options are limited for doing in-person events, The National Press Club has put their in-house catering resources to good use by launching the Help The Heroes initiative, providing meals prepared by their culinary team to front-line hospital workers in the community. 

Front-line health workers – including nurses, midwives, community health workers, doctors, pharmacists and others – provide care directly to their communities. But while they put their lives on the line to help fight a battle in the hospital they also face challenges at home: meals are skipped for the sake of time, and schedules have adversely impacted their ability to function at peak performance.

Help The Heroes was created to help ensure that hospital workers can obtain freshly made to-go meals as they leave work, guaranteeing they have food in a timely, convenient and safe way. The program recognizes that communities of color are often the most-impacted by COVID-19, so by helping workers at Howard University Hospital, we are bringing aid where it is needed most.

Contributions to the Help The Heroes Fund will enable them to serve so many! But they need help. A personal gift of $50 ensures a hard-working nurse one fresh meal each day for a week. Your company’s donation of $5,000 provides 500 meals to Howard University Hospital workers. Their goal is to deliver 300 meals per day until a vaccine is available and/or hospital capacities return to pre-pandemic levels.

If your organization would like to support the Help the Heroes program through your Corporate Responsibility initiatives, please contact them at and they will provide additional information on levels of support, partnership benefits and opportunities.