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Facility Upgrades at Business Expo Center in Anaheim, CA




2018 Facility Upgrades for Orange County Venue

Welcome to the Business Expo Center, located in beautiful Anaheim, California and the heart of the Platinum Triangle. Our 36,000 square foot facility offers a plethora of rooms available. As Orange County’s premier event venue and leader in producing special events and expos, we know the importance of listening to our customers and continuously improving our facilities to deliver a high quality event experience. We’ve kicked off 2018 with some facility-wide upgrades and we’re excited to share the news!

Perhaps our most appreciated upgrade is our new and improved air conditioning system. Now our guests can enjoy their conferences, meetings, or other special events without breaking a sweat. Feedback from our previous customers indicated too much fluctuation in building temperature. So with our new system, we’re able to regulate the temperature and keep attendees engaged in the event longer.
Additionally, we’ve revamped our interior and exterior with a fresh coat of paint in modest, neutral colors. The neutral tones will work with any design scheme you have in mind, allowing you to fully express your theme from the moment you pull up in our lot, to the moment you leave.

Last but not least, lighting can drastically impact the atmosphere of a conference, meeting, or special event. The color of the lighting can make or break attendee’s engagement, so for that reason, we’ve decided to upgrade to sustainable lighting with multi-color options in every room at our facility. Our new lighting options allow you to customize your event and create an ambiance unparalleled to any other venue.

With all of these new improvements to our facility, we’re excited to host more events this year at the Business Expo Center than ever before. These upgrades improve our ability to deliver the best quality event experience possible and we’re excited to see what the rest of the year has in store!