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three issues. 50,000+ planners. print & digital

The ONLY Magazine Promoting Unique Spaces

Distributed FREE of charge in print to 18,000 professional meeting planners in the U.S. and Canada, UNIQUE VENUES Magazine is also delivered electronically to 35,000 part-time and specialty planners. Distribution includes corporate, association, religious, government, non-profit and special event markets.  Venues enjoy regional, national, and international coverage for a fraction of the cost of marketing in the traditional meetings industry.

Meeting planners rely on UNIQUE VENUES Magazine for an honest look at the nuances and benefits of using unique spaces. Quarterly editorial content includes venue news, trends, technology and tips that go unreported in the meetings industry.  Are you ready to reach more planners, host more groups, create more revenue?


  • Magazines are kept for a long period of time - months or even years. You can hold it, put it down, pick it up and not forget where you were. Print helps legitimize a product or brand.
  • There’s no anxiety or fear of SPAM or a virus when reading print. Reaching a specialty, niche market is easy in print.
  • People who want to unplug and disconnect will engage in print.
  • Print allows you to nurture and retain your customers.
  • Print grabs your attention now because there’s less of it.
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