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Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid Meetings are taking shape within the hospitality industry and are trending with event professionals everywhere. With hybrid meetings, you get the best of both worlds - combining the advantages of meeting in person with the modern technology of today that allows meeting attendees to tune-in virtually from the safety and comfort of home. Hybrid meeting solutions are especially trending during COVID while states and provinces start to open businesses and allow gatherings of various sizes. 

How do hybrid meetings work?
Hybrid events and hybrid conferences allow the presenter or speaker to present content in-person to event attendees, of course while following and maintaining mandated social distancing guidelines and sanitization practices. Simultaneously, the in-person training, conference, or meeting is live streamed for virtual attendees to tune-in in real-time. 

Are hybrid meetings the same as virtual meetings?
While there are indeed virtual conference and meeting elements that are incorporated within a hybrid event, hybrid meetings are not solely virtual conferences or meetings because there are still presenters and guests together in person.

How do I pull off a successful hybrid meeting?
Unique Venues has partnered with hybrid meeting experts, Attune, to teach you and other professionals the best practices for hosting a hybrid meeting. We developed a comprehensive 3-part webinar series around this important topic. Click the links below for these free educational resources:
WATCH - Part 1: Deciding to Pivot to Virtual or Hybrid Meetings
WATCH - Part 2: Planning for a High-Quality, Engaged Meeting
WATCH - Part 3: Executing the Hybrid Meeting Experience

Unique Venues and our partner venues are working toward providing planners a new way to meet and gather that is safe for guests. With Hybrid Meetings, guests can attend events with the same level of engagement, either in person or from the comfort of their homes. Our partner venues are capable of hosting Hybrid Meetings by meeting the following criteria:

  • The venue monitors the latest guidance on meetings and gatherings by local, regional, state/province, and national government and adjusts accordingly, including, but not limited to, social distancing guidelines, cleaning and sanitation guidelines, meeting room configurations, meeting and event sizes, and food & beverage guidelines.
  • The venue has sufficient staff capacity to assist meeting planners with the planning, execution, and follow-up phases of a hybrid meeting (either dedicated resources or those that have primary responsibility for serving hybrid meeting planning).
  • The venue has sufficient staff capacity to assist with the technology needs of groups and events including the meeting platform, audio-visual equipment, platform integrations, and user support (either dedicated resources or those that have primary responsibility for serving hybrid meeting execution).
  • The venue has physical meeting rooms that have been designed or retrofitted to provide a quality hybrid meeting experience including appropriate sound and lighting, audio-visual equipment, camera angles, visibility of remote participants by instructors and live participants, inclusive engagement tools, etc.
  • The venue is appropriately licensed for providing access to a virtual meeting platform for hybrid meetings, conferences, and events or is sufficiently experienced or qualified to provide support for a number of native platforms owned by groups and events.
  • The venue provides support for presenters and instructors to familiarize them with the specific tools and equipment in our hybrid meeting rooms and troubleshoot issues during meeting execution.
Each venue listed below is ready to make your next meeting a Hybrid Meeting!





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