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Do you need to find the perfect event venue in California? The Golden State is home to so many beautiful cities and countryside that is second to none. From Napa Valley to Los Angeles, California is an amazing place to visit and live. If you are planning an event in California, we understand you’ll want to find a California conference center or meeting space that captures the mood and beauty of the area – whether we’re talking about the Southern California desert, the Pacific Coast beaches, or the Redwoods up north.  At Unique Venues, we can help you find the best event venues in California. From universities to movie theaters, we specialize in uncovering the best non-traditional event space to facilitate a memorable experience. We encourage you check out all of our wonderful event venues in California below.

Unique Venues offers a selection of Unique Venue spaces available in California that will be perfect for the event that you are planning. California conference venues are located across the state. The San Francisco Bay Area Conference Centers, San Diego Conference Centers and Los Angeles Conference Centers offer wide spaces, unique things to do around them, and configurable venue space to meet your needs. Whether you are planning a business event, a group retreat location, wedding, or conference, these banquet halls and unique spaces will leave your guests impressed.

Have you thought of a college or university campus for your event?
Colleges and universities across California offer great opportunities for a customized event space that fits your size and budget requirements. Are you looking for a few suggestions of venues to jump-start your search? Check out top venue picks in California to learn more about your venue selection options.

Are you planning a wedding this year?
We’re excited to hear that! If you know that you are looking for a California wedding venue, then you’re in the right spot! If you want to see wedding venue options across the country – visit our wedding venue listing page. Many of our venue represent the best southern California wedding venues, unique northern California wedding venues, and others across the state. Wedding venues are represented from across the state and include banquet halls, museums and cultural centers, and wineries. A winery wedding venue offers guests a unique experience while providing a beautiful backdrop. Explore all of our wedding venues in California to find the right one for you.

Looking for something really unique, how about a Theater or Ranch, Restaurant of Fairground?
Many of our most Unique Venues in California are places that you may not think about when planning an event. Let us open your eyes to truly Unique Venues in California by exploring Theater event spaces, ranches for events, restaurant venues for parties, or fairgrounds for open air events.