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Consulting Services at a Glance

Since 2007, Unique Venues has worked, hand-in-hand, with over 225 campuses, retreat centers and conference centers who either want to start a thriving conference business, improve an existing operation, or are looking to grow revenue to the venue's potential.  With over two decades of experience and a team of professionals without compare,  Unique Venues provides our members with top-notch consulting services.    Whether your venue is large, small, well-seasoned or new to the industry, let us be your guide to improve and enhance your business. Below is a list of the services provided. For more information, contact Chuck Salem at 703-520-5084. 

Operations Review

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Departmental structure
Policies and procedures
Pricing structure and financial processes
Customer service strategies
Facilities marketability assessment
Inter-departmental relations
Internal and external marketing
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Sales Action Plan

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Identification of key target markets
Sales strategies for each target market
Complete sales action plan - annual sales cycle
Sales plan budget with projected ROI

Business Plan

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Executive summary
Product history and overview
Competitor analysis
Organizational structure and management recommendations
Pricing and revenue projections
Evaluation practices

Marketing Intelligence

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Identification of three key competitors
Secret shopping of key competitors
Secret shopping of contracted venue
SWOT Analysis
Detailed comparitive data and recommendations for improvement

Recent Consulting Clients

American University
Bryant University
Colorado State University
Gettysburg College
Harvard Business School
Howard University
Mount Royal University
National 4H Conference Center
Ohio University
Olds College
St. John's University
SUNY College at Brockport
Tufts University
University of Miami
University of New Hampshire
University of Washington
Yale University


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Contact us at or by calling 703-520-5084.


About Unique Venues Consulting

Since 1994, Chuck Salem, CEO and President of Unique Venues, has led over 225 consultations for campuses and retreat centers in the USA, Canada and the UK.  With his direct experience as a collegiate conference professional, Chuck and Unique Venues have created a brand within the industry as a leader and authoritative voice in helping campuses and other non-profit venues improve their conference operations, increase their sales through direct strategies, and most recently, through the creation of a marketing intelligence program that helps venues with comparitive data in regard to direct competitors.  
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