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At Unique Venues, our team has served in roles like yours, managing Conference and Event Services, and other areas on campus that host meetings and events. We're also actively involved in higher education industry associations for conference professionals including ACCED-I, ACUHO-I, ACUI, CUCCOA and NACAS. We know that time and resources are limited, but that more than ever, the revenue you bring in is crucial. We have just the thing...

reach over 54,000 meeting and event planners

Through Unique Venues, our campus members get the opportunity to reach over 54,000 meeting and event planners, who are interested in using campuses for meetings, conferences, events, and more. We provide an online presence through search engine optimization that allows each and every campus to be easily found at the top of the search results. 

We also provide you with the crucial marketing elements you need, like a full profile page on that features your venue, exposure through Unique Venues Magazine (published three times per year), consulting services, marketing & sales education and an annual member's conference where you can learn and connect with other campus conference professionals just like you.

Our campus venues love us, and we love them too. In fact, it's what Unique Venues was founded on: promoting available spaces on campuses to meeting and event planners.

We know you wear many hats, so leave the marketing to us. Call 866.266.6857.