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Event trends, planner tips, and venue marketing ideas by Unique Venues.

Growing Your Business in Today's Market

Guess What I Heard at RCMA!

These days, everyone is talking about the economy and for good reason. At RCMA, I asked the Unique Venues membership, nearly 20 strong, how the business climate is for their venues. I was not surprised to hear that business is either holding nice and steady or on the rise! The same as post 9/11.

RCMA World Conference Update

Succeeding in a Down Economy

Catalyst Ranch

Set The Stage for Success: EVENT SPACE WITH MEANING

Imagine a baby’s room painted only in white, no color, no toys or games, no mobiles, no sound. Now, imagine that same room filled with bright colors, pictures on the walls, a whimsical musical mobile atop the colorfully outfitted crib.

Which child’s imagination is stimulated?

Easy Communication equals More Leads

Have you looked at your microsite lately? Unique Venues added a new feature to your on-line profile, the Please Contact Me form. This form is perfect for planners who are working on a tight deadline and are looking to speak to someone, ASAP. You can look for this lead to come directly to your inbox.

Yet another way Unique Venues is connecting COOL VENUES with HIP PLANNERS!

Posted by: Shannon Glover

Houston Hosts a Mighty Good Time

Houston has more earned nicknames than most anywhere else in the United States. Early on, it was dubbed Magnolia City, it is called Space City for all of its ties to space exploration, Energy City for being home to nearly all of the energy corporations in the nation, and most recently, the Bayou City became know as the Big Heart, for taking in so many of the Katrina refugees. No matter what name you give it, Houston is a wonderful location and destination for visitors.

Orange County California Venues

Orange County is the heartland of Southern California. From when Walt Disney first decided to put Disneyland in the middle of orange orchards back in 1955, the county has grown into a thriving center for theme park attractions and all manner of industry.

Banquet Halls in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is a surprisingly cosmopolitan city with many extraordinary attractions. Warm and hospitable, residents go out of their way to welcome visitors to their town. Choose from any of these outstanding venues, each with its own focus and charm:

Catalyst Ranch Chicago for Meetings

pict2547-photobooth-11-3-08-2.JPGThe people that run Catalyst Ranch just get it. How many times have you attended a GREAT meeting or conference or brainstorming session and arrived home energized and ready to implement new ideas and strategies at your job?

Ramp Up Marketing & Capitalize

One of Unique Venues three offices is located near Vail, Colorado, a resort community. Tough job, but someone's gotta do it!

Hey AIG...try this for your next meeting.

Looks like Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif. is requesting that AIG come forward with details about the costs of their meetings, events, incentives and retreats held this year as well as those they have planned over the next 6 months. I don't know how the rest of you feel, but I'm glad SOMEONE is getting after them on this. It's really hard not to be irate about a 'business as usual' approach when the feds are bailing them out.
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