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What Should You Look for When Choosing a Venue for a Youth Retreat?

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Venue for a Youth Retreat?

Planning a youth retreat can be challenging, but the end result will be a rewarding experience that the participants, as well as the youth leaders, will remember and cherish. And the right retreat venue can make all the difference. There are many factors that you will need to weigh in your decision-making, which is why we wanted to go over a few. At Unique Venues, we have connected youth groups with retreat centers and locations, so we understand what youth group leaders may be looking for when they conduct their retreat venues search. Here are several things you’ll need to consider:

Budget: As a youth group, you want to maximize every dollar you spend, so the cost of the venue will be extremely important. You will want to make sure that every kid who wants to go will be able to afford it. When looking at venues, you’ll want to ask questions about pricing, including what the total overall cost will be, how much will need to put down as a deposit, and what the cancellation process of the venue is.

Location: The location of the venue is another important factor. You’ll want a venue that is accessible, in a temperate climate for the time of year, and has outdoor accommodations nearby. And it will likely need to be close enough so your group doesn’t spend a significant amount of time on the retreat traveling.

Outdoor Recreational Activities: Your retreat should be fun as well as engaging and informative. This is where outdoor activities can make a major difference. Are there hiking trails nearby the venue? Does the venue offer any outdoor activities like a pool, zip line, or basketball courts? You’ll need a venue that can offer fun outdoor activities the whole group can enjoy.

Indoor Facilities: In addition to outdoor activities, you’ll want a venue that can offer plenty of things to do indoors as well. Is there enough meeting space to facilitate group sessions and instruction? Are there indoor recreational facilities, like a gym or indoor pool, to keep the kids busy if it rains outside? Does the venue offer any video and sound equipment that can be used for your program? These are all important factors when choosing a venue.

At Unique Venues, we hope that you find the best venue for your youth retreat. We have many different venues available on our site, so we encourage you to check some of them out today.  
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