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What NOT to Do When the Meeting Industry Turns from a Sellers' to a Buyer's Market.

Meeting Planner Joan Eisenstodt and venue-supplier Grace Markum share 10 things venues should NOT do when the market begins to shift from a sellers' to a buyer's market.
  1. Don’t offer deep discounts.
  2. Don’t cut the advertising and marketing budgets.
  3. Don’t make your marketing sound like a fire sale.
  4. Don’t cut the number of people on the sales team.
  5. Don’t fall off buyers’ radar screens.
  6. Don’t become invisible.
  7. Don’t overlook the SMERF market.
  8. Don’t stop learning.
  9. Don’t overlook your local and regional market.
  10. Don’t take a business-as-usual stance.
Add to this list! Let's hear your thoughts on what you are doing (or not going to do) during this shift in the meeting industry.