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Wedding Trends for 2022

Wedding Trends for 2022

Wedding Trends for 2022

Can you hear the wedding bells ringing in 2022? We can! Because of the continued precautions and COVID regulations causing cancellations and postponements, more weddings are set to occur in 2022 than many of the previous years. Now, more than ever, couples are getting more creative with their ceremonies and receptions. This creativity helped to shape the wedding trends for 2022 and will continue to shape the industry in the future. Whether you are planning a large or small celebration, Unique Venues wants to make sure you are up to date on the latest wedding trends for the upcoming year!

Intimate Celebrations
A common theme seen throughout the wedding industry in 2021 was couples hosting intimate wedding receptions because of local restrictions for indoor or outdoor gatherings. Almost a year later, this trend is still playing a strong role in the wedding industry but for a different reason. Now, with many restrictions being lifted, couples are still planning on hosting intimate wedding receptions. Hosting a small gathering helps the bride and groom splurge in other ways on their big day – flowers, venue, decorations, food and drink. Intimate wedding celebrations also allow the happy couple to invite those who matter most to them. Finally, small gatherings help to lessen the stress of the wedding. Brides will not have to be worried about every detail on top of wondering who’s coming from their list of 250 people. Even though 2021 small weddings were not as readily welcomed by brides, they are now one of the most popular trends for 2022.

Sequel Weddings
After many wedding celebrations were postponed in 2020 and even 2021, the upcoming year will be a year of “sequel weddings.” Sequel weddings are when a couple already tied the knot during the previous year and waited to have their big celebration at a later time. Sometimes the reception is on the same day as the couple’s wedding anniversary, just a year or two later. It can also be on a totally different date – then you would have two different anniversary dates to celebrate your love! Sequel weddings are big celebrations with your friends and family who could not make it to your actual ceremony because of local or travel restrictions. This time around, the happy couple is able to relax a little more and enjoy their day. Two days reserved to celebrate you and your partner’s commitment to each other – what could be better!

Weekday Gatherings
The pandemic postponing events and affecting the wedding industry seems to be a common theme for weddings in 2022. This next trend is no different. Because of the overwhelming number of brides who want their wedding ceremony and reception to take place this year, brides-to-be are starting to get creative with the dates of their weddings. A trend for the upcoming year in the wedding industry is weekday wedding dates. Many venues and vendors are already booked entirely for every weekend in 2022. By hosting their wedding on a weekday, brides are giving themselves a better opportunity to get married within the next year and still have their dream ceremony and reception. Yes, it might be a little unconventional, but you will definitely see more weekday weddings in 2022.

Backyard Venues
The wedding industry never really slowed down, even with the pandemic. Yes, events were canceled or postponed, but even the pandemic did not stop people from getting engaged. With almost a year of weddings postponed and another year of recently engaged couples searching for wedding venues, some brides decided to get creative with the venue for their big day. Some people might think backyard weddings are reserved for people who grew up on a big farm in the country; however, this is no longer true. Backyard weddings can take place basically anywhere with a yard big enough for a reception tent. Wouldn’t it be memorable to have your ceremony or reception in your parents’, relatives’, or even your own backyard? These spaces are already filled with so many memories that adding a wedding reception to the list will make it even more special. Backyard venues are quickly becoming a favorite for brides in 2022.

Sustainable Choices
Protecting the environment has become an increasingly important topic to many members of both the young and old generations. In 2022, you will see more and more brides doing their part by choosing sustainable resources for their weddings. For example, a trend within this bigger theme is the concept of renting your wedding or bridesmaid dress instead of purchasing a new one. Another theme is creating eco-friendly decorations with flowers or plants guests can take home to plant after the reception. Finally, reusing or recycling linens and other decorations from previous weddings or uses is becoming another common theme within the event industry. Just think – some of these things can be your “something borrowed” on your wedding day. You’ll feel great about your sustainable choices and the environment will thank you.

Wedding bells will continuously be ringing in 2022! The upcoming year will definitely be a year of love with all of the extra weddings and sequel weddings occurring across the country. Whether you plan on following any of these trends or not, we know your wedding will be absolutely magical!

Author: Haley Thomas
Haley Thomas is a recent graduate from Saint Francis University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing, Strategic Communications, and Digital Media and a Masters of Business Administration. She is currently the Marketing and Events Manager at Vision Together 2025 in Johnstown, PA. As a freelance writer for Unique Venues, Haley is excited to be a part of the continued success of the company and assist the consistent progress with her SEO optimized articles for the company’s website and social media platforms. In her free time, Haley enjoys spending time with her family and friends and exploring the great outdoors through activities such as hiking and paddle boarding. 

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