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12 College & University Campuses In Georgia That Pass The Test

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Non-Traditional Venues Expected to Lead the Way in Property Type Demand in 2018

published by Michele Nichols

If you have a slow day coming up during the holidays, do yourself a favor and read this report. American Express always delivers a deep, data-driven paper of the global meetings and events industry. Understanding global and North American meeting and event trends can help you forecast and grow your business. It can also come in handy when negotiating with groups and delivering on what planners expect in 2018 and beyond.

Think Big and Hold Your Next Event in a Stadium

University of Maryland, College Park Conference and Visitor Services, Let Us Welcome You!

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Holiday Party Venue

SDSU: The Ideal Conference Location in Sunny San Diego

With beautiful weather year round and some of the best attractions on the West Coast, San Diego is the perfect place to host a conference, meeting, event, or wedding. However, as one of the most expensive cities in the United States, planning a conference in San Diego can become unaffordable at times.

Mount Holyoke College: Residence Availability for Summer Conferences, Retreats, and Camps

Make Your Next Event Unique & Memorable with Smooth Sailing Celebrations

Hip Places to Hold Your Next Event in the Midwest

The Midwest can sometimes suffer from a branding problem. We all know that the coastal cities are hip and cool, but the Midwest often gets a bad rap. In truth, it is much more than “Flyover Country.” There are amazing places to check out in Middle America, and more Millennials are moving to the Midwest or staying put there for a very simple reason: it is much more affordable. A studio apartment in NYC could cost as much in rent a month as a four bedroom house in Bloomington, IN.