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Venues That Were Made for the Movies

Venues That Were Made for the Movies

When production scouts are looking for the best location for their upcoming movies, television shows, and other commercial productions, in every case they are always looking for non-traditional venues. Whether it’s a time period saga that requires historic buildings with intact interiors, or a drama set in the great outdoors that needs a lot of acreage and distinct terrain, the more unique the space, the better to provide the right kind of charm and ambiance that makes an authentic story come to life. Non-traditional venues are also attractive because they provide logistical benefits, such as budget-friendly rental rates that adhere to a production’s per diem as well as on-site catering for easy craft services and, in many cases, overnight accommodations for a crew that is working 18-hour days.

College of Saint Elizabeth​ in Morristown, New Jersey, recently won the 2017 Unique Venues Best of Award for the “Best Venue to Film a Movie or TV Show” thanks to beneficial features such as its accessibility to the major metro area of New York City where many production houses have headquarters, as well as ample parking for multiple filming trailers and private spaces where crew can set up equipment without interruption or without having to break down every night.

Occidental College in Los Angeles is another popular pick that has served as the planet Vulcan in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” and the fictitious California University for the college-age characters of “Beverly Hills 90210.” It was also the school grounds for ‘90s coming of age classic “Clueless” and has served as various sets for hit television shows like “Glee,” “Arrested Development,” and “Law & Order.”

Here are five of our favorite, action-packed filming locations that provide a happy ending every time:
College of Saint Elizabeth
Morristown, NJ
University of Montana
Missoula, MT
University of Regina
Regina, SK
The University of Vermont
Burlington, VT
Occidental College
Los Angeles, CA
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