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Unique Rules of the Road: What to know before you test-drive a one-of-a-kind venue

Unique Rules of the Road: What to know before you test-drive a one-of-a-kind venue
Museums, arenas, cruise ships - all of them can be a unique option to host your next meeting or event, with a number of beneficial advantages over traditional venues. However, these special locations often have different rules you should know of before you take them for a spin. Here are the biggest reasons to green light this type of venue and the detours to be aware of in the booking process.

Green light unique event locations for the ...
  • Value. Since the core mission of these sites is not event revenue, you will find significant price reductions, like built-in technology on a campus.
  • Lush settings. One-of-a-kind venues are already unique which means built-in décor.
  • Wow factor. Do you think your guests would rather have a meeting in a hotel ballroom or a football stadium?
  • Professional staff. Part-time or not, these coordinators know their business and can help you make the most of your event.
Know the detours before booking, such as ...
  • Picking a date. You may have to schedule around college classes or sports games, but if you're flexible, this can be a great option.
  • Part-time staff. Your event coordinator may multi-task with other roles; the professionalism is still evident, but you may have to be patient for responses.
  • Menu options. There's no standard at unique spaces. Know your options ahead of time.
  • Extra insurance. You may be required to purchase an extra policy but most are affordable and can be a simple rider.
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