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Unique Halloween Party Ideas

Unique Halloween Party Ideas
Halloween’s fast approaching, and if you’re in charge of planning a Halloween event or party, there’s certainly a ton of options for you.  In fact, the fall event has its own association, the Halloween Industry Association, a trade organization begun in 2005 to represent businesses involved in the Halloween industry.

While there’s no shortage of fake spider webs and plastic pumpkins at stores, you may be on the hunt for something a bit more… unique.

For that, we have these three suggestions.

Bat Mobile: Create your own version of the bat mobile (not Batman’s, but Martha’s).  Create a simple bat pattern out of cardstock and trace 10 or so onto black construction paper.  String them with fishing wire from your ceiling at different heights.  

Costume on a stick: Don’t have time for Martha’s cupcake masterpieces? Print out these do-it-yourself costumes for guests.  Paste them on popsicle sticks and scatter them throughout your venue.  Having a photobooth or photographer?  Keep these handy for those who dared to come without a costume.

Up the classy creep factor: Instead of streaming Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on loop every twenty minutes, pop in classic, black and white horror flicks from the 50s or 60s.  There’s nothing like the “look out behind you!” moments that get guests yelling at the TV.  Just be sure to keep the volume down and music up; no one likes a zombie guest watching movies and not talking.

Find the perfect, creepy venue: Look into mansions, guesthouses, or even castles to host your Halloween party.  These places don’t require much to pull off a great Halloween party.

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