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Tips for venues to help close more meetings and events

Tips for venues to help close more meetings and events

by Michele Nichols

It can be tiresome to follow up with a meeting planner who can't make a decision or commit to your event; and trying to understand what keeps a group from signing a contract can be even more frustrating.

In actuality, the answer to the problem might be changing the questions you have for the meeting planner or group. Closed-ended questions that require a yes or no answer will allow the real objections to come forward. If you're at the point of sale, these types of questions will allow you to be more direct and get to the answers you need right away so you can close the deal or move on to another prospect or group.

Here are some examples:

• Does our pricing fit your budget?
• Are you happy with the meeting space we've proposed to you?
• Are you ready to sign a contract?

I think salespeople have the hardest time with the last one - asking for the business. If you ask the questions in a closed-ended fashion and then stop talking, you'll get your answer. It will either be a yes or no and you'll know exactly where you stand! Give it a try.
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