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Three Simple Ways To Improve Online Visibility

Three Simple Ways To Improve Online Visibility

Three Simple Ways To Improve Online Visibility

If you have venues or conference centers you want to promote, old fashioned ways aren’t going to cut it in 2016 and beyond. Word of mouth and traditional advertisements can only do so much. If you want to find companies and party planners to rent your venue, you’re going to need to be visible online. The easiest way to become more visible online is to make sure that your website and subsites on bigger venue pages are SEO optimized.

If you’re new to the world of SEO and online advertising, improving your online visibility can seem like a difficult task. As long as you have the right tools and knowledge, improving your SEO ranking and visibility can be simple. Take a few minutes to follow these tips to become more visible online in no time.

Incorporate locations into keywords

If you have a venue in Boston, Massachusetts, you may try to make sure that the word “venue” or “conference rooms” show up in your website content. You do want those words, but adding locations and descriptive titles to them would be better. People around the world are searching for venues; you want to target people that are going to be looking for places to rent for conferences and parties by location. Phrases like “professional conference rooms Boston MA” or “venues in Boston MA” are much easier to rank for, and they target people that are most likely to use your services.

Don’t forget meta descriptions

When you Google something, do you ever notice a few lines of regular text underneath the blue link? Those words are a website’s meta description, and they play a big role in SEO. Meta descriptions serve the dual purpose of telling visitors what a particular page is about, and it also tells Google bots important information about the page. Make sure that your meta description uses some of your most important keywords, and that it’s short and descriptive. Usually only the first 165 characters are displayed in search engines, so use your keywords early on.

Go beyond your website

If you want to truly be as visible as possible online, you need to think beyond your website. Facebook and Twitter profiles, Yelp and other online review sites, and website directories all factor into how visible your site is to other people. Make sure that you have an active social media profile, and encourage your followers to comment on statuses. Ask your renters to leave reviews about your venues on Yelp and other popular review sites.  
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