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Summer 2013 Blog | Venue Spotlight and News | Unique Venues

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Industry Updates: News & Awards

The Marcum Hotel & Conference Center Renovates “Down to the Soap Dish”

Girl on Fire: With 20 years at AMA Executive Conference Centers, Valerie Mazzilli-Brown makes all the right calls...

This year American Management Association welcomes its 90th birthday. At the helm of the celebrations is Valerie Mazzilli-Brown, who has just as much reason to mark the occasion.

Cool Gift Idea: Travel Assurance

Security checkpoints aren’t always secure. With the advent of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) skimming devices at many airports and transportation hubs, travelers have become even more prone to identity theft.

Top Chefs: The IACC’s Copper Skillet Competition picks its winner. We meet the finalists from the U.S., U.K. and Canada ...

Started in 2004, the annual Copper Skillet Competition is the International Association of Conference Centre’s (IACC) opportunity to showcase the great culinary skills of its member conference centers around the world. The showdown is held each year at the IACC-Americas summit where competing chefs assemble and are presented with a secret basket filled with produce, grains and proteins to use in their meal. Each chef is granted 15 minutes to plan his or her dish and 30 minutes for the cook-off.

Super Potion

The Conference Services team at the University of California Santa Barbara put out all the bat signals when they recently hosted a training/talk seminar for local planners.

Family Recipe: Guava Chicken

This recipe comes courtesy of The Manor House in Littleton, Colorado. The restored mansion not only has a unique setting for special events, the catering department also gives guests the option to replicate family recipes for their menus.

Now’s the Time for the Paperless Office

By Corbin Ball, Corbin Ball Associates

More than ever before, meeting technology is picking up speed. It’s an exciting time to see rapid changes and new opportunities appear that will help you improve business processes and provide a greater attendee experience at your events. Two major trends that have been developing and working together to assist meeting and event planners are social media and mobile technology.
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