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How to Put on the Best Corporate Event, While Saving Money

Entrepreneur says a corporate event planner spends about 150 hours working with staff to produce a major event from start to finish.

Industry Updates: News & Awards

The Marcum Hotel & Conference Center Renovates “Down to the Soap Dish”

Family Recipe: Guava Chicken

This recipe comes courtesy of The Manor House in Littleton, Colorado. The restored mansion not only has a unique setting for special events, the catering department also gives guests the option to replicate family recipes for their menus.

A Night at the Museum: With built-in ambiance, educational value and exhilarating artifacts, Sodexo’s...

When patrons walk into Chicago’s famed Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), they are immediately greeted by fascinating treasures resurrected from some of the world’s greatest scientific advancements and its ages of industrial revolution.

From football stadiums to decked-out cruise ships, one-of-a-kind venues provide atmosphere, culture and amenity...

According to the dictionary, unique is an adjective that means “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.” Nothing could come closer to describing the special collection of event venues that have broken out of the traditional mold, creating an industry model that values originality and memorability. Here we breakdown just what makes the seven segments of Unique Venues, well, unique.


Spring, summer, fall or winter, the coast of New England has big appeal for a small geographic area.

From Massachusetts to Maine, the New England coastline has always been a popular vacation destination—but with more and more boutique hotels and lavish retreats fit with modern-day amenities, the corporate world is taking notice, too. When booking events along the Atlantic, planners find an escape from the city and customized personalization not often seen in the big markets. Plus, appealing day trips encourage attendees to extend their stay.

The Amber Room Colonnade/Danbury, Connecticut

Don't Let Party Planning Overwhelm You

As fun as the job sounds, party and event planning is serious work — just ask the professionals. According to Smart Meetings Magazine, the event planning industry employs 1.7 million people and brings in $458 billion annually.

Five Amazing U.S. Meeting and Event Venues

decorating on a dime

unique event venues save time and money with built-in decor

May 20, 2013 — Think about how much you invest into making a hotel not look like a hotel. The windowless boardrooms you try to cover up with big graphic posters. The generic ballrooms you spend countless dollars sprucing up with rental flair, only to pay more dollars to break it down at the end of the day. If you've never considered a museum or zoo, arena or scenic college campus for your next event location, now may be the time to do so for this reason alone: built-in décor.

New York State Offers Uber Varieties

By Mark Polaski

New York State is often differentiated from “New York” which heralds the great City of New York, and accounts for nearly 40% of the states population. However the state offers a broad spectrum of surroundings, from rural farmlands to vineyards, to the most chic of urban environments.