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Response So Fast They'll Freak

Response So Fast They'll Freak
We recently sat down with Mark Mulder, professor for the MBA program at Pacific Lutheran University and former collegiate conference professional, to get his expert advice on responding to a lead in a timely fashion. One of the biggest struggles is having the tools in place to respond quickly, so Mark gave us a few insights into the must-have items.

UV: What should a venue have in place to respond quickly to RFP’s?
MM: Have in place an RFP response tool kit. The tool kit could be made up of one person who knows to respond within a certain time frame. Have a procedure in place to give a rapid response. The tool kit could contain a computer system to track responses, a packet of materials that can be sent electronically, or a simple letter with customizable information for the meeting planner.

UV: What does an RFP response look like?
MM: Give the planner a call or send an email to let them know your sales team is processing their request. Create a relationship and be known for how quickly you respond to the meeting planners RFP. This proves to them that you are dedicated to assisting them and that gives the prospective client the confidence that you will be quick to respond to their event needs as well.

Take a few moments today to gather the information that you commonly send to meeting planners so that you are responding quickly to new leads.
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