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Put Spirit in Your Holiday Party

Put Spirit in Your Holiday Party
Unique spaces allow you to go from the humbug to hurrah!

Sure, you can host your annual holiday party in that ballroom with that drab carpet and the less than lit-up décor. Maybe the punch will spice things up, right? OR, you could have cocktails with panda bears and toast the New Year in the Rainforest. Which one do you think your guests will remember next year?

Unique spaces like the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. give planners abundant opportunities to easily provide amazing, informative and entertaining parties without having to do a lot of the legwork to set up that something special. These venues are, after all, already unique.

"Hosting a private event in conjunction with an existing attraction allows planners to create a memorable experience without breaking the bank," says Dan Pierron of the National Zoo's Special Events Department.

Here are three more great reasons to book your party at a non-traditional venue this holiday season:

1. Your event will not only be entertaining but also educational: Learn more about the wildlife who are the extra special guests of the evening or get a docent-led tour at the art museum, which will leave everyone feeling they accomplished more than just having a good time.

2. Your dollars go back to the organization: When you book a party at a unique space like a museum, cultural institute or at a university, your money supports the mission of the organization as a whole. Just think, you've in no small way helped keep the doors open for students and the public in the new year.

3. Your company will thank you: Especially when the financials prove just how much money you saved the organization, and how quickly you were able to pull everything together - unique spaces are often more flexible in working with your calendar, too!
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