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The One Surprising Venue That Event Planners Don’t Consider

The One Surprising Venue That Event Planners Don’t Consider

There is an untapped resource that many planners don’t even think about when they are searching for a venue. While perusing unending web sites of hotels, ballrooms, conference centers, and more – did you ever consider holding your gathering at a college? There is an untapped resource that many planners don’t even think about when they are searching for a venue. 

That’s right. From corporate and academic groups to non-profit organizations, religious groups, weddings, school groups, tour groups, business meetings, conferences, trade shows, reunions, sports events and more, a university or college campus provides practically everything you need for a seamless event.

College and University campuses are unique—many with stunning historical architecture and flexible and beautiful indoor or outdoor spaces to meet your every need. Just stepping on the campus of an educational institution will immediately set the tone for your group. More so than at a typical hotel or conference center.

And, if you are coordinating an event in Canada, it couldn’t be easier. Just look to the Canadian Universities and Colleges Conference Organizers Association (CUCCOA). Their members are located in every region of Canada and a quick review will show you the perfect venue to meet all of your event needs— and your event budget. Whether you are planning a social event or a business meeting—or just looking for a budget-wise place to stay, university and college campuses across Canada are an excellent resource. The members of CUCCOA span every size and offer flexible spaces that can accommodate groups comfortably from 10 to 1,000.

Everything you would expect at any other Canadian event venue can also be found by exploring the CUCCOA membership. They are located in cities and in rural areas. Parking is usually plentiful and convenient. State-of-the-art, on-site audio visual services and customizable delicious culinary options are all there for you to choose from.

Multiday events are perfect for the colleges and universities of CUCCOA. Their accommodations will pleasantly surprise you, with cozy dorm-style, hotel-style suites, or town house units often available. In fact, a well-kept secret among travelers is to stay at these campuses for comfortable cost savings lodging.

And best of all, the members of CUCCOA believe in extreme customer service. Their Conference Management Services can be your one-stop shop for all of your event details from start to finish. Find out what a valuable event resource CUCCOA members can be for your next event in Canada. Visit their web site today.
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