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Meeting at the Movies: 2 Ways to Put Your Agenda on the Big Screen

Meeting at the Movies: 2 Ways to Put Your Agenda on the Big Screen

From the fast-paced thrill of a high-speed car chase to the emotional pull of a triumphant underdog and the dazzle of special effects in a sci-fi saga, the movies are a sensory way to pull us out of our existence and focus on a good story and captivating visuals. But movie theaters aren’t only for Hollywood blockbusters anymore—many cinema houses are now opening their doors to meeting groups during the day and event galas at night to foster a new kind of audience. 

The benefits to a planner are plentiful. A meeting room in a movie theater has the most advanced hi-definition screens as well as state-of-the-art audio for presentations that might as well be nominated for awards, and guests will feel relaxed in comfortable, reclining leather seats that help keep them focused. Being at a movie theater also provides perks that can help set a “film premiere” vibe with event signage made to look like movie posters, special tickets, and VIP cocktail receptions in the lobby. With so many spaces in a movie theater, there are also ample spots for fun breakouts—perhaps a game of film trivia for an icebreaker. 

Catering is also an option. While concessions are always available, if you want to give your guests a more upscale menu, movie theatres have advanced catering choices that can provide memorable meals. Many of the modern theater chains, including AMC Theatres, also have dine-in options that provide tableside service in the theater itself. Regal Business Events has also created a separate division with dedicated planners just for coordinating meetings and events. And because these brands have multiple locations in major markets across the U.S. and Canada, you can partner with them for every meeting sequel.

Here are two theater groups that can bring film magic to your next event:
AMC Theatres
Regal Business Events
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