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These Campus Planning Pros Will Rock You

Some people are just born to rock their jobs. That's what we found with Julie Wiggins of Cineplex who we named our Professional of the Year in 2014. She inspired us to keep the conversation going and discover individuals making fans in the collegiate conference arena, too. Campuses are "remixing" the meetings and events industry like never before and often the ones on the cutting edge are members of Unique Venues.

Work-Life Resolutions for the New Year

If I were to take a look at your goals for the new year would I discover “find work-life balance” amongst your resolutions? Now’s the time for a fresh start and to gain some tips on how to make that goal a reality. Our newest digital magazine includes five tips on having a life and making a living.

Unique Venues Magazine Now Available

It’s here! The Best of Issue from Unique Venues Magazine! This is the first ever, industry Best of Edition for venues that represent the unique marketplace for meeting locations. The digital edition is now online.

Summer Fall Unique Venues Magazine Released

Our newest edition of the magazine has been released just in time for the Labor Day weekend! You can find it here.

At Home on the Range

If the idea of a campground has you recalling images of Wet Hot American Summer or, worse yet, Friday the 13th, have no fear—these scenic, nature-focused retreats are far from campy.

Expert Advice

Coming Attractions:
A Preview of What To Expect When Meeting at the Movies

Provided by Julie Wiggins, Executive Director, Sales, Cineplex Entertainment

Inside The Industry: Cruise Control

Meetings unplugged? Yes, it’s happening. The latest trend in conference technology seems to have come down to putting the smartphones away, shutting down the laptops and iPads and logging out of Twitter and Facebook. In unprecedented numbers, more and more conference goers (if not people in general) are actually volunteering to go offline and get back to meeting basics. The days when status updates qualified as face-to-face interaction and a social network was the group of people you were stuck in a ropes course with for half a day.

Technology - Photos Say 1,000 Words...About You!

Photos Say 1,000 Words … About You!

On the Road: A Tour through D.C.

It’s the epicenter of America, the home of the president and the keeper of our country’s rich history, so would you expect event venues in Washington, D.C. to be anything less than spectacular? We take you on a tour of five non-traditional spaces that let you capitol-ize on planning lavish soirees and down-to-business conferences to rival the White House.  Read the rest of the article here.

Cool Gift Idea

Attached at the Hip


How many times you have you said to yourself, ‘If only I had a place to store all my devices?’ Enter the Circle T Event Holster to the rescue. Whether for yourself or a producer, designer, caterer or other event professional you work with, this fashionable and functional accessory is a great tool to store all your must-have communication devices with pockets for a smart phone, walkie talkie, head set pack and anything else you need within arms reach.