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If Business Brings You to Chicago...

If Business Brings You to Chicago...
Chitown.  The Windy City.  The Second City.  No matter what you call it, Chicago is a happening place for business these days.

The third largest city in the United States, Chicago still manages to feel small, even among its 2.8 million residents.

If business brings you to Chicago, we hope you’re spending some time at the AMA Chicago Executive Conference Center.  With 19 comfortable meeting rooms that range in size from 400 to 3000 square feet, there’s hardly a group that their unique venue can’t accommodate.

If you’re flying into Chitown, simplify your logistics.  A free shuttle provided by the hotel that AMA Chicago is connected to eliminates the need for a taxi or a rental car and should you need an overnight stay keeps you out of the elements.  The Conference Center notes that a lot of international businesses are taking advantage of this ease-of-use.

For your meeting you won’t have to worry about being confronted with outrageous terms, either. AMA Chicago has no service charges, no set-up charges, no sleeping room commitments, and validates day parking. On this basis alone, booking your conference or meeting at AMA beats any Chicago hotel hands down.

Conducive to keeping your planning simple is built-in a/v equipment as well as fully stocked beverage bars offering unlimited sodas, juices, and coffee. A team of “meeting planners” are capable of anticipating and satisfying your needs. Décor provides a calm environment and for comfort each room is appointed with fully adjustable and ergonomically correct conference chairs and conference tables.

An important part of any meeting, their catering will suit your tastes as well as your wallet.   Noting a wave of healthier requests, AMA Chicago can provide healthy foods, like salads and fruits while staying within your budget.

And when it’s time for a break, your attendees will lose themselves in the possibilities.   AMA Chicago houses the largest business bookstore in the Midwest, with more than 3,000 business and professional books and CDs.

Keep AMA Chicago Executive Conference Center in mind for your next meeting or conference. Learn more about them.
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