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A Night at the Museum: With built-in ambiance, educational value and exhilarating artifacts, Sodexo’s...

When patrons walk into Chicago’s famed Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), they are immediately greeted by fascinating treasures resurrected from some of the world’s greatest scientific advancements and its ages of industrial revolution.

Five Amazing U.S. Meeting and Event Venues

decorating on a dime

unique event venues save time and money with built-in decor

May 20, 2013 — Think about how much you invest into making a hotel not look like a hotel. The windowless boardrooms you try to cover up with big graphic posters. The generic ballrooms you spend countless dollars sprucing up with rental flair, only to pay more dollars to break it down at the end of the day. If you've never considered a museum or zoo, arena or scenic college campus for your next event location, now may be the time to do so for this reason alone: built-in décor.

New York State Offers Uber Varieties

By Mark Polaski

New York State is often differentiated from “New York” which heralds the great City of New York, and accounts for nearly 40% of the states population. However the state offers a broad spectrum of surroundings, from rural farmlands to vineyards, to the most chic of urban environments.

Looking for a Great Place to Host Your Event? Keep Georgia on Your Mind.

by Mark Polaski

Three Rivers Help Make Pittsburgh, PA a Truly Unique Event Destination

If you have not had the pleasure of spending any time in Pittsburgh, PA for your business travels or a sporting event, then you are missing one of the country’s best revival stories.  The city has often been named among the most livable cities in America, but is it just as good for corporate events?

From East to West, New York State Offers Big Variety.

by Mark Polaski

Nothing evokes images of the promise of the American Dream like New York.  The “Empire State” as it’s known, conjures nostalgia and has signature locations like New York City, The Finger Lakes and Niagara Falls. It has called millions globally to it’s heart and is the pulse of our Nation.

The Heart of Hospitality: Graylyn International Conference Center

Cuneo Mansion and Gardens: TLC's Four Weddings show venue makes for a beautiful special event setting

Happen to catch the finale episodes of TLC’s show, Four Weddings, last season? If so, then you may have noticed the beautiful backdrop of Cuneo Mansion and Gardens, a property located thirty miles north of Chicago with a rich history going back almost a century.

The Graylyn International Conference Center Begins Renovations of the Mews

The historic Graylyn International Conference Center, which has played host to presidents, world leaders and entertainers, is regarded as one of North Carolina's most unique executive meeting venues.
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