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Getting cozy with residential venues: Try a mansion or B&B

Getting cozy with residential venues: Try a mansion or B&B

Comfort is on a comeback.  Mansions, homes, bed and breakfasts, and other residential venues are key for summertime events, and they're not just for casual parties or receptions.  Corporations looking for a unique place to meet or gather can make use of these spaces and deliver a memorable experience.

Some of these venues are even historical sites, which adds an extra layer of uniqueness to your event.  Guests can take in the history and have something to discuss and explore.  Having that element in your venue also bodes well for word of mouth marketing, as they'll be likely to post to Facebook or Twitter that they're there.

Here are some tips for capitalizing on using these residences:
  • Take advantage of these venues' gardens for garden parties.  Let guests explore the grounds, or set up different stations both inside and outside to maximize use of these spaces.
  • Consider warm and homey food stations.  Home-style food has made a big comeback, with finger-food size grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese being big hits.
  • If you're a corporate planner, leave your branding at the door and use subtle ways of infusing your brand, like punch drinks or bouquets of your brand colors.
To check out historical and cultural venues for your next "comforting" event or meeting, explore Unique Venues.
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