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Event Food on Wheels

Event Food on Wheels

Raise your hand if you love food! Better yet, food from the back of a truck. I think Food Trucks are charming because they elicits the same feelings you get when hearing the chimes of the ice cream truck. Food trucks are popping up at events all over the place and you could have one at your next meeting too. Some venues have approved caterers; so check first to see if there is an in-house food truck or perhaps an approved list of area food trucks. Some of our college campus venues have food truck opportunities on the menu for guests. Millersville University and Armstrong Atlantic State University both allow food trucks on campus. Met Center hosted a wedding last summer where the late night snack was catered from a food truck. How fun to be able to send your guests off with a meal on wheels?

A few of these pictures are from Armstrong Atlantic State University where they offer a rotating menu on the food truck which consists of specialty items like burgers, burritos, cheese steaks, fried chicken, grilled cheese, sausages, meatballs, and sliders. To follow along with the food truck visit @navigatorgrill on twitter. 
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