Discover Inner Peace: 15 Tranquil Venues for Your Ultimate Wellness Retreat

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One of the best things you can do for your employees is to host a wellness retreat. Whether it’s for executives, middle managers, or standard employees, wellness retreats enable you to reinforce your company culture and help bring everyone closer together.

Fortunately, these retreats are easy to organize and implement when you have access to the best venues in North America. With that in mind, here are our top picks for the 15 best venues for wellness retreats.

320 Guest Ranch

  • Location: Gallatin Gateway, Montana
  • Guest Count: 250

Typically, a mental health retreat works best when guests can escape the city and be surrounded by nature. Montana is one of the best states for wellness and meditation retreats because it’s so undeveloped and wild. 320 Guest Ranch is surrounded by gorgeous hillsides and tons of natural beauty, whether you host your retreat in the spring, summer, or winter. In addition to stunning venue spaces, there’s fishing, hiking, and horseback riding on-site, which you can incorporate into your retreat activities.

4 Eagle Ranch

  • Location: Wolcott, Colorado
  • Guest Count: 500

Like Montana, Colorado is another fantastic state for wellness retreats because of its pristine beauty and access to natural wonders. 4 Eagle Ranch is a historic venue, having been built in 1885. It served as a working ranch until the early 90s, and now it’s one of the best outdoor venues in Colorado. Part of what makes 4 Eagle so good for a wellness retreat is the number of activities available on-site, such as ax throwing, horseback riding, wine tasting, line dance lessons, blacksmithing, and much more.

Annapolis Basin Conference Center

  • Location: Cornwallis Park, Nova Scotia
  • Guest Count: 800

While there’s something special about hosting a wellness retreat in the forest, there’s also something incredible about being next to the ocean. The Annapolis Basin Conference Center is surrounded by water, making it an ideal spot for various meetings and activities for you and your guests. Plus, because it’s such a large venue, you can host a company-wide retreat and accommodate everyone comfortably. There are also nearby hiking trails and almost a mile of beach at your disposal.

Aspen Canyon Ranch

  • Location: Parshall, Colorado
  • Guest Count: 300

When planning a meditation or wellness retreat, one vital component to consider is whether it will be a single or multi-day affair. If your retreat spans multiple days, you want guests to be able to stay on-site for maximum convenience. At Aspen Canyon Ranch, there’s lodging for up to 56 people in cabins, or there’s enough space for 300 people to stay in tents during the summer. Surrounded by 450 acres of nature, there’s a lot to do at Aspen Canyon, and you can craft the best retreat possible for your team.

Bison View Lodge

  • Location: Nacooche, Georgia
  • Guest Count: 55

While some retreat center venues are built to accommodate multiple types of events, places like Bison View Lodge are designed for corporate and private retreats only. This means you get access to the entire facility, including 15 acres of pristine grounds on which to hike, host activities, or just enjoy nature. Bison View is in Northern Georgia, but it’s relatively close to the Atlanta airport, so it’s easy for guests to reach if they’re coming in from out of town. It’s also next to the small alpine village town of Helen, just in case you’re planning your retreat around the holiday season.

ChoZen Retreat

  • Location: Sebastian, Florida
  • Guest Count: 100

ChoZen Retreat stands out as a premier destination for meticulously curated mental health retreats. Unlike other venues, ChoZen offers a structured environment with enriching programs, enhancing the enjoyment and benefit of your stay. As a luxury retreat venue, it boasts exquisite amenities and charming decor, all set against the stunning backdrop of Florida’s natural beauty, making it an unparalleled choice for a rejuvenating retreat experience.

The High Lonesome Ranch

  • Location: DeBeque, Colorado
  • Guest Count: 500

The High Lonesome Ranch in Colorado presents an idyllic setting for a wellness retreat, nestled in a tranquil landscape that feels worlds away from the bustle of modern life. While civilization remains within reach, the ranch offers a timeless escape, evoking an era long before today’s hectic pace. As a working cattle ranch, it provides an opportunity to savor grass-fed beef, either purchased directly or included in your meal plan. Your retreat experience is enriched by activities like hiking, horseback riding, and exploring 300 square miles of pristine natural beauty awaiting discovery by you and your guests.

Homeplace Ranch

  • Location: Priddis, Alberta
  • Guest Count: 15

Homeplace Ranch offers an ideal setting for more intimate meditation retreats, especially suited for smaller executive teams or departmental groups in Canada. Accommodating up to 15 guests, this horse ranch provides a serene and close-knit atmosphere. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a more personalized retreat experience. Guests have the opportunity to engage in horseback riding or simply explore the natural beauty of the surroundings on foot, making it a perfect escape for team bonding and rejuvenation.

The Horseshoe Farm

  • Location: Asheville, North Carolina
  • Guest Count: 61

The Horseshoe Farm stands out as an exceptional choice for retreats focused on team-building and relaxation. Tailored to corporate clients, it offers an all-inclusive package designed for a rejuvenating four-day, three-night stay. This venue provides a comprehensive retreat experience, encompassing everything from catering and bar service to housekeeping and private accommodation. Additionally, guests can enjoy guided tours and a variety of activities, ensuring a seamless and enriching retreat experience that fosters connection and relaxation.

Old Maypearl Road Events Center

  • Location: Waxahachie, Texas
  • Guest Count: 1,000

If you’re going to host a wellness retreat on a ranch, you might as well go to the place where ranch life is still going strong: Texas. Old Maypearl is an exciting and breathtaking venue that combines the raw beauty of nature with all the modern amenities you could want. This ranch is surrounded by miles of open sky and untamed hills, making it an excellent spot for you and your guests to unwind, relax, and come together.

Neskaya Movement Arts Center

  • Location: Franconia, New Hampshire
  • Guest Count: 20

Sometimes, a wellness retreat is all about talking, exploring nature, and connecting with your fellow retreat guests. Other times, a retreat is designed to bring people closer together through shared experiences and guided activities. The Neskaya Movement Arts Center is focused on the power of dance and movement and how it can transform one’s physical and spiritual self. This place is described as a “sacred site,” where everyone is free to express themselves however they see fit. This is an excellent venue for smaller, more intimate retreats where connection is the primary goal.

Rest Yourself River Ranch

  • Location: Mineral Wells, Texas
  • Guest Count: 250

While Old Maypearl is a somewhat bare-bones venue that works as a blank canvas, the Rest Yourself River Ranch is a full-service facility that can accommodate all your retreat needs. With catering, lodging, and even an on-site spa, you can design a wellness retreat that rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit. This place also has multiple venue spaces, allowing you to host meetings, team-building exercises, and much more.

Three Bars Cattle and Guest Ranch

  • Location: Cranbrook, British Columbia
  • Guest Count: 80

Three Bars Cattle and Guest Ranch excels in offering an array of exhilarating outdoor activities, ideal for fostering team building and enjoyment during wellness retreats. This ranch is crafted for an engaging and active experience, featuring diverse options from horseback riding and horse grooming to fly fishing, trap shooting, hiking, and mountain biking. For those seeking relaxation, the lodge provides a serene retreat. Guests can enjoy an overnight stay with full access to modern amenities like Wi-Fi, as well as comprehensive food and beverage services, ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling retreat experience.

The Wellvue

  • Location: Winter Park, Florida
  • Guest Count: 1,000

For a wellness retreat with a health-centric focus, Wellvue stands out as an exemplary choice. Blending the luxuries of a spa and resort, it offers a range of rejuvenating amenities, including massage therapy, acupuncture, and guided yoga classes. Ideal for those seeking a retreat that nurtures both mind and body, Wellvue also provides versatile spaces for various activities and meetings. Conveniently situated near Orlando, this venue can comfortably host both intimate and large-scale meditation retreats, with the capacity to accommodate hundreds of guests.

Wonder Valley Ranch Resort

  • Location: Sanger, California
  • Guest Count: 500

If fun and excitement are the main focus of your wellness retreat, the Wonder Valley Ranch Resort in Sanger is an excellent choice for your event. Situated conveniently near Fresno, it offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of major cities like LA or San Francisco. Nestled in the scenic expanses of California’s Central Valley, the Ranch Resort not only boasts breathtaking beauty but is also well-equipped to cater to groups of varying sizes, from intimate gatherings to larger assemblies.

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