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Could a Campus be the Best Bet for your Next Meeting?

Could a Campus be the Best Bet for your Next Meeting?
A large portion of what makes a business meeting successful is the location at which it is held. While some company owners may find it sufficient enough to host their gatherings in simple, small offices, there is no denying the expected level of success is greatly reduced. Attendees and special guests to your event will be more likely to engage in beneficial business arrangements if your confidence is expressed through an impressive venue. If you’re searching for a location that is outside the typical meeting venue box, consider hosting your meeting on a local college campus.

The benefits of holding your conference, meeting, or event at a college campus begin with the scenery. Most universities are landscaped and decorated with the goal of impressing potential students, meaning you won’t need to worry about doing so yourself. Likewise, as any given school can expect to have thousands of students, you are guaranteed to have sufficient space for your attendees. Finally, Universities are designed with students in mind which means the meeting rooms have the latest and greatest in technology and your event attendees will get to benefit from these types of advanced amenities. You can rest assured that whether you plan on showing a slideshow or need to connect your members together, you’ll find anything you need on a school’s campus.

What about food, though? Traditional catering often makes up a fair share of an event’s cost, threatening the potential for other attractions or seminars. With hundreds, possibly thousands, of guests, you’re going to need good meals made en masse. Thankfully, universities are fully equipped with a kitchen and cafeteria designed to cook for large groups. With a staff that is familiar with a wide selection of meals, your menu will also have a decent amount of variety. Attendees will enter your meeting expecting the traditional chicken + vegetable combination that is traditional for most conference centers but they will be greeted with anything but this typical meal. Imagine dim sum, salad bars, dessert kiosk, pizza, lasagna, and made-to-order sandwiches just to name a few options. Your guests will appreciate the attention paid to their specific needs and you’ll save money in the end.

Take it from the experts – we wouldn’t suggest a location that our own employees wouldn’t be proud to use. In fact, Unique Venues did just that between October 16th and 17th, 2014. The experts at the marketing organization were so confident in the ability of universities to host events that they held their very own Annual Marketing Conference at Vanderbilt University. The lively roundtable discussion required a large, spacious room with plenty of seating and opportunity to move about. Part musical chairs, part speed dating, while the terms of the breakout session seemed fairly chaotic the venue made everything possible. Your next meeting is guaranteed to be equally successful when you rely on a university within the Unique Venues portfolio of venues.
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