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New York State Offers Uber Varieties

By Mark Polaski

New York State is often differentiated from “New York” which heralds the great City of New York, and accounts for nearly 40% of the states population. However the state offers a broad spectrum of surroundings, from rural farmlands to vineyards, to the most chic of urban environments.

Gettysburg Get’s It!

By Mark Polaski

Gettysburg College has plenty of availability during early and mid-June for groups looking for sleeping accommodations, dining and private catering services, enhanced meeting facilities, and beautiful outdoor locations.

From the Central Energy Plant to the residence halls, the Gettysburg College community is reducing our ecological footprint as we stride toward a greener future and the campus reflects this.

Kean University is Bold and Beautiful

By Mark Polaski

Kean University is a prime location for your summer conference needs.  Located in the mega-metropolis of New York City, it inspires productivity, creativity and learning in an atmosphere uniquely designed to bring out the best in people.

Missouri – Show Me Venue Varieties!

By Mark Polaski

Missouri, The Show-Me State was part of the Louisiana Purchase and was first known as the Missouri Territory.  The state is the intersection of three great rivers: the Missouri, the Mississippi, and the Ohio. Missouri is also known as the “Gateway to the West” as it was a major departure point for explorers.

Looking for a Great Place to Host Your Event? Keep Georgia on Your Mind.

by Mark Polaski

Go Green with The University of Minnesota

Enhance your event experience at the University of Minnesota, located in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  The University of Minnesota offers a variety of venue spaces and accommodations on campus  with all of the  fabulous amenities of a metropolitan area.

Three Rivers Help Make Pittsburgh, PA a Truly Unique Event Destination

If you have not had the pleasure of spending any time in Pittsburgh, PA for your business travels or a sporting event, then you are missing one of the country’s best revival stories.  The city has often been named among the most livable cities in America, but is it just as good for corporate events?

Meeting with Honors

When it comes to meeting responsibly, college campuses are ahead of the class

From East to West, New York State Offers Big Variety.

by Mark Polaski

Nothing evokes images of the promise of the American Dream like New York.  The “Empire State” as it’s known, conjures nostalgia and has signature locations like New York City, The Finger Lakes and Niagara Falls. It has called millions globally to it’s heart and is the pulse of our Nation.

Experience the Richness of Pittsburgh While Hosting Your Event at Robert Morris University

Robert Morris UniversityRobert Morris University (RMU) is located in the rolling hills of Greater Pittsburgh sharing proximity to the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport.  RMU occupies 230 acres of the West Hills region of Pittsburgh’s suburbs with two major interstate highways&helli
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