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Industry Updates: News & Awards

The Marcum Hotel & Conference Center Renovates “Down to the Soap Dish”

Super Potion

The Conference Services team at the University of California Santa Barbara put out all the bat signals when they recently hosted a training/talk seminar for local planners.

From football stadiums to decked-out cruise ships, one-of-a-kind venues provide atmosphere, culture and amenity...

According to the dictionary, unique is an adjective that means “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.” Nothing could come closer to describing the special collection of event venues that have broken out of the traditional mold, creating an industry model that values originality and memorability. Here we breakdown just what makes the seven segments of Unique Venues, well, unique.


College Cred

College and university campuses are the venue of choice for savvy planners looking to get extra credit for hosting memorable meetings and events

Food Fight

Miami University’s chili cook-off spices up teambuilding activities with a pinch of competition and a dash of self-reflection

Meeting… with Honors

When it comes to meeting responsibly, college campuses are ahead of the class. Our experts do the homework for you with notes on how to make the right impression.

Green Machines

More and more universities are turning their campus colors green with sustainable efforts that please students and conference clients

College Road Trip

Oh, Canada!

All signs point north for a bustling spread of colleges and universities that make the grade in scenery and specialties.

By Selena Fragassi

Campus Orientation: A Study Guide of the Highs and Lows of a University Setting

by Chuck Salem

Chuck Salem
As in any class setting, it’s always best to be prepared. The same goes for booking a function on a college or university campus. Here are some highlights and lowlights to study before confirming your attendance:


Tennessee – “America at Its Best”

By Mark Polaski

From the Mississippi River to the Appalachian Mountains, Tennessee is steeped in a colorful and deep history of music from notable names such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Isaac Hayes to name a few. Here also is the Grand Ole Opry – the world’s longest running live radio show. Tennessee is also home to the world famous Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg.