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Catalyst Ranch

Catalyst Ranch
Set The Stage for Success: EVENT SPACE WITH MEANING

Imagine a baby’s room painted only in white, no color, no toys or games, no mobiles, no sound. Now, imagine that same room filled with bright colors, pictures on the walls, a whimsical musical mobile atop the colorfully outfitted crib.

Which child’s imagination is stimulated?

We’ve all attended events in generic party and conference rooms. And, we can all conjure up images of memorable, inspiring gatherings we‘ve attended. Catalyst Ranch is such a space. Decked out for your clients and guests to find inspiration, develop new ideas, serve as a CATALYST for CREATIVITY and a guaranteed great time!

EVA Niewiadomski, founder, began her passion for creative spaces when she transformed a closet into a creative center for a major packaged goods company. Her charge was leading new product development and she did so in a space that inspired profitable new product ideas.

That concept has come along way from the original closet where creativity was sparked and the idea for Catalyst Ranch was born. Catalyst Ranch can provide that same CREATIVE spark for your clients and guest.
Catalyst Ranch is one of Chicago’s most creative meeting and event spaces. It is the perfect downtown venue for business meetings, conferences, parties, celebrations, weddings and receptions. The Ranch is fully-equipped to delight your guests in a spacious historic loft. Comfy couches, vintage tables and chairs, ethnic vibrant art, and furnishings all around to enchant the senses. It is purely magical.
For more information and a virtual tour visit our Unique Venues microsite: Chicago Meeting Facilities

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