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A Retreat To The Windy City

A Retreat To The Windy City
Sounds ironic to use the word retreat and the Windy City of Chicago in the same statement. The Windy City elicits thoughts of a big city, tall buildings, restaurants, shopping, Lake Michigan, the Bears, snow and, of course, traffic.

A couple of weeks ago our company held a retreat in Chicago to get away from the phones and the distractions of the office. It was hard for me to imagine not being distracted in Chicago with all that is available in the city.

I now think of Chicago as a retreat city even though we were in the center of the city, two blocks from Michigan Avenue. For three days, we were tucked away in a meeting room in the Terry Student Center, which is part of the new residential community on the campus of Loyola University Chicago. The meeting room felt more like a study in an old home including stained glass and rich wood. So, we were away from the phones and the distractions of the office during the day. It was the most productive retreat we have had in years. We did retreat in Chicago.

I will confess that we did enjoy the amenities the Windy City has to offer during the evening.

Thank you to Mary Cashman, Tim McGuriman, Dana Owen & Judy Sunvold for the great accommodations, meeting facilities and customer service!

Tony McGuirt, Director of Marketing
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